Anne Léger

CV - Anne Léger

Born 27.08.66, Chartres, France. Based in Oslo, Norway.


06-08 KHIO, Institute of Fine Art, Master Metall. Oslo.

04-06 KHIO, Institute of Fine Art, Bachelor Metall. Oslo.

96-97 Teaching High school in Oslo, Art department, pedagogic in Arts, Oslo.

90 Diplome National Supérieur d´Expression Plastique, France, Orléans.

89 Certificat d´Etudes Superieures d´Arts Plastiques, France, Orléans.

86 Certificat d´Initiation Plastique, France, Orléans.

84-90 Institute of Visual Arts, France, Orléans.

84 Baccalaureat, Institution Notre Dame, France, Chartres.

Work experience

08-14 Teaching at KHIO, introduction to enameling, Oslo.

09 Teaching, introduction to enameling, College, Rauland.

09 Teaching, summer courses, introduction to enameling, Academy of Rauland.

07-08 Accounting with Ingjerd Hanevold, Jewellery artist.

07 Assistant for I. Hanevold, Torstad Lower Secondary School.

97-04 Teacher in arts and crafts, Oslo.

92-93 Teacher in arts and crafts, France, Orléans.

91-92 Gallery squ´ART, France, Orléans.


14 Solo exhibition, "Beyond Dark", gallery RAM, Oslo, Norway

13 Beijing International Contemporary Metal Art exhibition, Tsinghua University, China.

13 Art and Craft exhibition, The National Museum of Arts, Architecture and Design, Oslo, Norway.

13 “KL!NK In autumn Light”, Vestfoldkunstsenter, Tønsberg, Norway.

13 Charon Kransen Arts, SOFA, California, USA.

13 Circuit Bijou, Solo exhibition, Béatrice Knock Création, Paris, France.

13 Vibrant Diversity, De Novo, curated by Charon Kransen, California, USA.

13 KL!NK, “The Black of Night in summer”, Mano Motus, Copenhagen, Denmark.

13 What comes around with KL!NK & Friends, Haugesund, Norway.

13 Charon Kransen Arts, Frieze Art Fair, NY, USA.

13 Charon Kransen Arts, The Cyclorama, Boston, USA.

13 "Yours Sincerely", jewellery exhibition, Brudd, Oslo, Norway.

13 "KLINK & friends present The Black of Night", KHiO, Oslo, Norway.

13-15 "From the Coolest Corner-Nordic Jewellery", The National Museum of Arts, Architecture and Design, Oslo, Norway. Touring exhibition in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Deutschland.

12 Christmas exhibition, Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo, Norway.

12 Christmas exhibition, Kunstforening, Rauland, Norway.

12 Glass, ceramic and jewellery exhibition, “Bulles, gallery Alliages, Lille, France.

12 Fall Profile, Gallery Format, Bergen, Norway.

12 Solo exhibition, "Antologi", The Art Nouveau Centre, Ålesund, Norway.

12 Group exhibition, KL!NK, Boque auf Croque, Munich, Germany.

12 Schmuck-Show 2012, jewellery show, MaximilianForum, Munich, Germany.

12 Group exhibition, KL!NK, “ Norvegia”, Design Forum, Helsinki, Finland.

11 Christmas exhibition, Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo.

11 Metalart2011, Beijing, China.

11 KL!NK Jewelry, Expo Arte, Oslo.

11 Group exhibition, Town hall, Våler, Norway.

11 Design exhibition “Vakre bord”, Bymuseet, Oslo.

11 International Lace Award, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Australia.

10-11 Travelling exhibition, Norwegian Goldsmiths´Foundation, Norway.

10 100 years exhibition, Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo.

10 Solo exhibition, Expo Arte, Oslo.

10 Group exhibition, KL!NK, Gallery Format, Bergen.

10 Summer exhibition, Kunsterforbundet, Oslo.

10 EUNIQUE 2010, Arts and Crafts fair, Karlsruhe, Germany.

10 BRUDD, Art and Craft exhibition, Oslo.

10 Group exhibition KL!NK metal and jewels, Prosjektrom Carl Berner Oslo.

10 Group exhibition KL!NK metal and jewels, Gallery Format, Oslo.

10 Grant exhibition, Town hall, Oslo.

09-10 Solo exhibition, jewels, Rauland Kunstforening, Norway.

09 The Box, exhibition, Hothouse, KHIO, Oslo.

09 Art and Craft exhibition, UTSTILLINGEN09, The national museum of Arts, Architecture and Design, Oslo.

09 COLLECT-09, Saatchi Gallery, London, England.

09 Jewels exhibition, Expo Arte, Oslo.

09 Corpus and jewels exhibition, Tsinghua University, Beijing.

09 Grant exhibition, Town hall, Oslo.

08 Jewels exhibition, Gallery CAJ, Kyoto.

08 Jewels exhibition, Hiko Mizuno Gallery, Tokyo.

08 Triennale-08, urban installation, Trondheim.

08 Jewels exhibition, Gallery Marzee, Graduate show, the Netherlands.

08 The Bowl, exhibition, Hothouse, KHIO, Oslo.

08 Jewels exhibition, Master, ”Once upon a lost time”, Gallery Format, Oslo.

08 Grant exhibition, Town hall, Oslo.

07 Jewels exhibition ”Spoons” HOTHOUSE KHIO, Oslo.

07 Jewels exhibition ”The Hiko Mizuno Competition” HOTHOUSE, Oslo.

07 Jewels exhibition ”Small things in a wide world” Det Gule Huset, Asker.

07 Jewels exhibition ”Once upon a time” Kunst Risten Gallery, Oslo.

07 Jewels exhibition ” The Hiko Mizuno Competition” Gallery YU, Tokyo.

06 Jewels exhibition ”Prosjekt Oslo” Kunst Risten Gallery, Oslo.

06 Jewels exhibition, Bachelor, ”CU:” Seilduksfabrikken, Oslo.


10-11 Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo.

09-11 Gallery BRUDD, Oslo.

08-09 Gallery FORMAT, Oslo and Bergen.

08-09 The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo.

06-08 EXPO ARTE, Oslo.


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13 Award of Excellence in the “Pushing Boundaries & Chasing Challenges”, 2013 Beijing International Contemporary Metal Art Exhibition, China.

13 1-year study grant from The Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts.

12 Purchased, The Fund for Crafts, Vestlandske Kunstindustrimuseum.

10 3-years artist grant from the Norwegian Government.

10 Invited to participate on the auction of a jewel for breast cancer research, Culturhouse in Nøtterhøy, Norway.

08 Nominated for SMYKKEKOMPENDIUM, Darling publication, release spring 09 at SCHMUCK- 09, Munich.

08 Membership in the Norwegian Craftsmen Foundation (NK).